Dentist Plymouth Brighter Holiday Smile

Accessorize your holiday look with a brilliant smile! Come in and let Dr. Mondale take your smile to a new level. Ultradent’s one-size-fits-all home kit, “Opalescence® Go”, can lighten teeth in as little as 5 to 10 days, with no need for impressions. The unique tray delivery system adapts to fit your teeth perfectly.  For faster results, go for our in office whitening system. Just 1 hour can be enough for Ultradent’s “Opalescence® Boost” system to provide beautiful results.   Tried whitening in the past and had trouble with sensitivity?  Give it another shot! Newer products have been formulated that reduce sensitivity and actually strengthen teeth!  Quick start your whitening program by requesting a cleaning before you begin and you’ll be minty fresh and sparkling in time to ring in the new year!


For more information on the benefits of teeth whitening please check out this article!


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