Dentist Plymouth First Visit
What to expect
At your first visit we will clean your teeth, take any necessary x-rays, assess the gum health, and one of the doctors will conduct a complete exam. If you have had x-rays taken recently at a different office, please bring them in or let us know in advance and we can contact your previous dentist for a copy of them. We use digital x-rays, which require less radiation and take less time than the traditional film type x-rays. If trouble spots are identified, we will discuss your treatment options and work with you to help you obtain optimal oral health. If you have a specific concern such as tooth pain or sensitivity or are already aware that you need a specific treatment, please let us know when you make the appointment and we will focus on those issues at your first visit.

Day of your appointment
We will ask you to come 10-15 minutes early to fill out forms. You can download a new patient/new child form HERE and bring the completed forms to your first appointment.

Tips for a low stress appointment
We want you to be at ease during your appointment. Feel free to bring your own ipod or mp3 player as listening to your own music is a fantastic distraction while we take care of your dental needs. Sunglasses and blankets are available at your request. Very anxious patients can benefit from the calming effects of nitrous oxide gas (laughing gas). Breathing nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen is a safe and effective way to reduce anxiety for children and fearful adults. Please let us know if you have any special needs or concerns.