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It is well known that adults who are stressed or anxious more frequently suffer from bruxism, the involuntary grinding of teeth.  However, a recent study found that a significantly higher percentage of teenagers who are bullied suffer from sleep bruxism. In fact, 65% of bullied teens grind their teeth versus 17% of those who report not being bullied.


It is important to address both the physical and emotional properties of sleep bruxism. Grinding teeth wears them down, can cause implant complications, disrupts sleep and can cause headaches. At Mondale Dental, we can fit you with a custom dental appliance to alleviate the physical symptoms of sleep bruxism and save the wear on teeth. Emotionally, an increase in teeth grinding may be a sign of higher stress and is worth noting in yourself or children. We encourage our patients to look after their emotional wellbeing and address areas in their or their children’s lives that may be causing increased anxiety. Additional resources  can be found below:


Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center

Stomp Out Bullying

American Heart Association



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