Dentist Plymouth Halloween Candy Tips




Halloween is almost here but it doesn’t have to be a scary time for your teeth!  Here are a few tips to keep your pearly whites happier during this spooky season:


  • When cavity causing bacteria consume sugars, they use the energy to multiply. When the sugar is used up by the bacteria it becomes an acid that dissolves minerals from your teeth. This acid also creates an unfavorable environment for beneficial bacteria that could help protect your teeth.
  • Limit the hard and/or sticky candies.  These stay on your teeth longer creating the sugary environment bacteria thrive on.
  • Watch the sour candy too.  These are often sticky and the sourness of the candy comes from the acidity of the ingredients.  The acid from the candy strips minerals from your teeth compounding the damage the bacteria cause with sugar. Double whammy!
  • Go for treats like sugarless gum.  Sugar-free gum slows decay by increasing salivation in your mouth. Increased saliva can remove stuck food from your teeth and can neutralize the acid bacteria produce.
  • Try treats sweetened with xylitol. More and more products like gum and lollipops are available that contain this sweetener that fights tooth damaging bacteria. Be sure to keep xylitol away from dogs and ferrets, even small amounts of xylitol can be deadly for our furry friends.
  • Nibble some dark chocolate.  Dark chocolate contains theobromine, a compound that actually strengthens tooth enamel. The higher the percentage of chocolate and the lower the sugar content the better!


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