Dentist Plymouth iTero Scanner





The iTero intraoral scanner! This device will help make your dental appointments quicker and easier. The iTero scanner's wand takes 1000s of pictures of your teeth and compiles them into a 3D model visible instantly (no more goopy impression materials!). As it takes these photos, the camera emits a near-infrared (NiRi) light, aiding in early cavity detection (this does not replace routine dental xrays).


Digital Impressions

In the past, some procedures required the use of impression materials. These materials could often take more then 2 minutes to fully set, and if there was even one air bubble in the wrong place, the impression would need to be re-taken. Now, an impression is as simple as aiming the camera and pressing a button. Because the information is all digital, this also means the Dental Lab fabricating your appliance can have the information in moments, rather then sending it via mail.


Monitoring Movement

The iTero scanner also makes it much easier to track teeth movement as well as wear patterns. By comparing two scans, you can easily see any new chips or shifting that has happened. 





Dr Brian is now a certified Invisalign practitioner! The iTero scanner allows us to take the scan of your teeth and show you right in the chair what movement may be possible.